n. the downslope edge of landslide or a slump, the lowest part of a slope or a cliff.

from mountaintop
we look toward gathered
ground set free by fire then flood,
the feathery debris of memories, pushing

Wind Shadow

wind shadow: the area in the lee of an obstacle where air motion is not capable of moving material and thus allows it to accumulate.

Strongest wind still
fails to lift
from puddle.

Jolie Kaytes is an associate professor of landscape architecture at Washington State University. Jolie’s teaching, writing, and images integrate disciplinary perspectives and focus on recognizing the complexity of landscapes. Her work has appeared in Catamaran, Terrain, saltfront, and elsewhere. She has been a resident at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, PLAYA, and Caldera. Jolie spent her formative years in South Florida, where she wandered along shorelines, slogged through sloughs, and delighted in subtropical flora and fauna.